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Floating Elementor section


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Floating Elementor section

With Elementor you can make some element floating (stick to top). This is perfect if you create Custom header with elementor and need to stick the menu.

How to?

  1. Create a section (Must be a Section, not column or element…!!!)
  2. Edit the section and switch tab to “Advanced”
  3. In the “CSS ID” add futurio-floating
  4. Save the section

Section floating is disable while you edit the page with Elementor. Switch to frontend and check the result.

Known bug:

Do not use the floating section as the first Elementor section. If you need it as first section, create before it one more (you can remove all gaps = will be hidden).

Important note: You can use only 1 sticky element per page (including default sticky menu!)

Sticky Elementor section demos: Example #1

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